Makers of exceptional savoury snacks Serious Pig have collaborated with the UK’s most decorated brewery Thornbridge, to curate this mouthwatering hamper. It features 3 cans of the famous Jaipur IPA beer plus a small bottle of red and white wine. 

Here’s what’s inside…

CRAFT EXCELLENCE: Thornbridge Brewery is recognised as the first UK brewer to perfect craft IPA and internationally known as hive of brewing talent. Their Jaipur beer is known as ‘the beer changed everything’ for its role in kicking off the British craft beer revolution. 

A PAIR OF WINES: One full bodied Malbec aged in oak barrels and a refreshing Sauvignon embodied with juicy peach, citrus fruit and gooseberry flavours. 

CRUNCHY CHEESE: 100% mature Italian hard cheese baked in a specially developed oven, a seriously next level beer snack. 

GOURMET CHARCUTERIE: Handmade from 100% RSPCA approved outdoor reared pork from the very best British farms. 

CRUNCHY PICKLES: The best quality Indian baby gherkins from established growers for the ultimate tangy snack. 

GIANT CORN SCRATCHINGS: Crunchy kernals of corn fried and tossed in a blend of sage, sea salt & white pepper. 

SAUSAGE CRISPS: Highest quality Yorkshire potatoes, hand cooked and coated in an all natural vegan seasoning blend of herbs and spices. 

Free delivery within the UK. This hamper contains 3 beers, 2 wines and 11 snacks.



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  1. Excellent value, great tasting products.

  2. Great combination of flavours, the cheese and beers are great gifts! I made a mistake with the order and Ryan sorted it out very quickly, fantastic customer service.

    Definitely going to buy more of these, worth every penny.