A Quick Word On Charcuterie

Best British Meat
You might be surprised to know that tens of thousands of our charcuterie snacks are enjoyed every month! They’re found everywhere from Michelin starred restaurants, to the humblest pubs. So how did we get here?
We only use the best free-range British meat.
With Serious Pig, you can rest assured that you’re eating meat of the highest provenance. We only work with RSPCA approved farms where pigs enjoy a happy life with freedom to express their natural behaviour.
We source locally too, and ensure the distance between the farm and butchery is within an hour’s drive and all within the county of Kent. We know our supply chain inside out and have worked with these wonderful people for many years, so we understand where every single ingredient comes from.
Our master charcutiers…
Curing meat is a tricky process to truly master – temperature, humidity and air flow must all be accurately controlled and natural variations in the meat throughout the season must be taken into account.
The flavour of the final product is totally dependent on the expertise and experience of the charcutier to carefully oversee the process from start to finish. Our highly skilled team of craftsmen and women have perfected this combination of science and knowhow over the years and their long patience has resulted in charcuterie good enough to rival our European friends.

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