Snacking Chillies


This season’s hottest new snack is…. a chilli!

Once again we’ve raised the bar for bar snacks.  We’ve pickled the crunchiest medium spicy green frenk Chillies from Turkey. They have plenty of zing and a moreish salty brine, plus they’re pre-drained so you won’t get mucky fingers!

Gluten-free, vegan, low-calorie and low-carb, they’re a great healthier snack choice.

Taste Acidity hits first followed by medium chilli heat that lingers and builds on the palette.
Pairing Pairs excellently with a zesty wine or a margarita.
Aroma Acidic, briny with a chilli punch.
Texture Crunchy, with real bite. Little surface moisture makes it ideal for snacking.
Appearance Bright green, slightly curled and approx. 5cm.
Allergens  Sulphites.
Size 40g Per pack.



Single pack, Multi Pack (12 for the price of 11), Best Value Bumper Pack (24)



4 reviews for Snacking Chillies

  1. N P. (verified owner)

    Can’t get a better pickled chilli anywhere else!

  2. Richard Woods (verified owner)

    Bit hot, but still tasty

  3. Nick (verified owner)

    New batch far too spicy! 🙁 I can handle a lot of spice and after a few these are too much for me. 10x spicier than before and not medium at all!

  4. dougieknowles

    The only pickled version of this chilli I have tried, and I’ve tried most of em, that is wonderfully flavourful, salty, pickly and with zero bitterness…Hot Product in more ways than one!

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