Ultimate Cheese Selection


The last word in cheese snacks.

This best value bumper box contains 24 packs spread across all four flavours of our famous Crunchy Snacking Cheese – Classic, Rosemary, Caramelised Onion and Truffle.

Made from 100% mature Italian Quattrocento cheese (similar to parmesan), these snacks pair well with wine for a perfect pre dinner nibble.

As the cheese has been baked until crunchy it doesn’t require refrigeration (you can finally take some cheese on your camping trip!).

If you would like to send this box as a gift to the cheese lover in your life, then look out for the ‘add gift message’ option at checkout.

And did we mention that as well as being utterly delicious, they’re vegetarian, naturally high in protein, low in carb, gluten free and contain no sugar at all.

For information on the dairy farms we work with to make our Crunchy Snacking Cheese see the provenance section of this page.

Flavour: Variety Bumper 24 Pack (Best Value)

This box contains:

6 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘Classic’, 24g
6 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘With Caramelised Onion’, 24g
6 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘With Rosemary’, 24g
6 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘With Truffle’, 24g



Variety Bumper 24 Pack (Best Value)


Best Value Bumper Pack (24)

40 reviews for Ultimate Cheese Selection

  1. MR D A GRAHAM (verified owner)

    Best, Tastiest, Low Carb snack available to mankind.
    Perfect with a G&T

  2. Leigh B. (verified owner)

    Simply the best snack on the market

  3. Richard Woods (verified owner)

    Tasty healthy snack that is surprisingly filling, will definitely order again

  4. Sarah (verified owner)

    Not enough Nomanom’s or Yummies in the world to explain how totally moreish and delicious these are

  5. Lesley Vernon (verified owner)


  6. Richard Woods (verified owner)

    Tasty snacks,great healthy option

  7. Steven (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these. Don’t touch crisps anymore, these are so much better. Lots of protein as well as being so tasty. Crunchy and the taste melts in the mouth.

  8. Amaran Krishnan (verified owner)

    Really good service

  9. Phil G. (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  10. Richard Woods (verified owner)

    Really great flavours

  11. Maureen Beange (verified owner)

    Fantastic snacks. Great cheese.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)


  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are great snacks for all occasions, feel like more of a treat than crisps or crackers. Have bought before and will again. Would love it if I could get multipack of the same flavour!

    • seriousadmin (store manager)

      Hi! We do sell multipacks of just one flavour, on this very website 🙂

  14. Steven (verified owner)

    Absolutely melts in the mouth and packed with flavour

  15. Neil S. (verified owner)

    They all bombard your tastebuds, either crunch for the blast or let soften in the mouth to chew on a lump of cheese.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! Small crunchy and satisfying.

  17. James Holmes (verified owner)

    Can’t fault this company. Fantastic products so tasty and value for money. Amazing snacks.

  18. Deborah (verified owner)

    Fantastic product but has been very difficult hiding them from everybody else!

  19. Wendy White (verified owner)

    Enjoyed our first order so much, we placed another order. Must be the best snacks we’ve ever tasted. So moorish.

  20. James Holmes (verified owner)

    Fantastic cheese snacks, really tasty and very addictive thought I wouldn’t like the truffle flavour but when I tried it absolutely delicious highly recommended 10/10

  21. Narendra Patel (verified owner)

    Irresistible snacking cheese which can nicely paired with most red wines. One packet is never enough so I always finish a couple at one go.

  22. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Awesome snacks and perfect for Keto!!

  23. Trudi J. (verified owner)

    Love these cheesy snacks. So much better than crisps. The truffle ones are especially lush.

  24. Berenice Q. (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a crunchy snack while on carnivore diet, missed my crisps. These cheesy snacks are delicious and have zero carbs, great for people on Keto or carnivore.

  25. Joanne (verified owner)

    Love these! Just can’t decide which is my favourite, great to have a cheese snack that’s low calorie and high protein and still delicious

  26. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    As ever, fantastic quality snacks and packed full of flavour. I’d not had the Truffle before and they’re unlike anything I’ve had before (in a good way!). I find these much more satisfying than crisps and the foil packaging keeps them fresh and satisfyingly crunchy.

  27. Emma W. (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these snacks – such a treat to enjoy with a glass of something chilled at the weekend. So tasty – only trouble is, you want more than 1 bag!!

  28. Simon S. (verified owner)

    Seriously tasty

  29. Sharon R. (verified owner)

    These snacks are so superior to any other cheesy snacks I have tried.. Love them! I keep coming back for more!

  30. Kristy S. (verified owner)

    Brilliant value, these are a fantastic keto snack. Rich flavours and a great portable snack.

  31. Paul Robinson (verified owner)

    Best tasting Snacks for the Keto/Low Carb peeps out there!

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    All flavours in this box are very nice, although possibly a bit too strong for some taste buds. Perfect for serving with a mixed meat and cheese platter washed down with wine or beer. Would definitely buy again.

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fabulous snack

  34. Sharon R. (verified owner)

    Seriously fabulous snacks! I am a repeat customer, and so far everything I have had has been delicious. I love my snacking cheese with a nice glass of red! Each pack of snacking cheese is only about 125 calories, and no carbs – great if you are watching your carb or calorie intake. (I save my carbs for my wine!) Great customer service with the odd freebie thrown in, and a code here and there. I am delighted with everything and so glad I found them!
    You will be seriously glad that you tried these…

  35. matt craven (verified owner)

    Love! Truffle in particular is amazing.

  36. Catherine Everest (verified owner)

    great products and excellent service

  37. Ray R. (verified owner)

    I Love these cheesy snacks. Great taste in a bag

  38. Susan (verified owner)

    Received in mid June 2023. Disappointing that 6 bags of 1 flavour had best before date of August 2023 when all others were March 2024.

  39. Jo Byrne (verified owner)

    As a cheeseaholic, these are up there with my favourite snacks, and Serious Pig were very accommodating to my request for no truffle

  40. cc atkins (verified owner)

    Really tasty cheese snacks and fast delivery

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