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Snacking cheese


As we’ve covered in a previous blog post, for us making healthy snacks means finding the best flavoursome natural ingredients that don’t require lots of processing, (which invariably means adding lots of nasty non nutritional additives!). So here’s a great example of how we practice what we preach.

Our Classic Crunchy Snacking Cheese is pure cheese and nothing else. It’s not just any cheese either, it’s aged Italian cheese made in Bologna called Quattrocento and it’s quite similar to parmesan.

It’s made with cow milk from high welfare farms and aged for 11 months. The result is an intricate fruity taste with tones of roasted almonds and brown butter, followed by an acidic salty kick.

With natural ingredients this good, we don’t have much to do to prepare it for your snacking satisfaction. With our Classic cheese, all we have to do is crumble the Quattrocento it into bite sized chunks and roast it in a specially developed oven et voilà!

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